The Link Between Law and Grace.

This Article examines the relationship between Law and Grace and concludes that, both of them are the two sides of the same coin and they are inseparable too.

The Two Main Covenants

A detailed analysis of the two Main Covenants and their significance for Born-again believers.

Consequences Of Idolatry in Ancient Israel

This article provides a detailed analysis of Ezekiel 9, Comparing the context with the present-day Christian Church. And offers suggestions for Christian Believers to make changes in their Christian Walk.

At the Home of an Enemy For a Divine Purpose.

This is an interesting story about a little girl from Israel, a child of the LORD Almighty, who ended up in the enemy territory at the home of an enemy of the Israelites. But God Almighty kept her in that home for a divine purpose, for HIS Glory.

Do Not Worry

There is no one in this world who do not worry. Both Christians and Non-Christians worry alike. But, what did The LORD Jesus teach us “worrying”. That is what we are going to analyse in this article.