Why You Should Forgive Those Who Sin Against You

Forgiveness is one of the central themes in the Bible. Every born-again believer begins his walk with Christ from the day he receives forgiveness i.e. our life in Christ begins after we are forgiven by Him.

The Two Main Covenants

A detailed analysis of the two Main Covenants and their significance for Born-again believers.

The Fig Tree on the Roadside.

Mathew 21, 18-19 describes an incident in which Jesus commands a fig tree on the roadside to wither, because, He could not find any fruits in it. This story seems really simple, but is there a connection between our Christian Life and this fig tree? Let us examine.

Bearing Fruits in The Kingdom of God

Bearing fruits is an important aspect of our Christian Walk. But how do we bear fruits for the Kingdom of God? This article examines in detail what Jesus Christ spoke about bearing fruits in John 15.

Consequences Of Idolatry in Ancient Israel

This article provides a detailed analysis of Ezekiel 9, Comparing the context with the present-day Christian Church. And offers suggestions for Christian Believers to make changes in their Christian Walk.

At the Home of an Enemy For a Divine Purpose.

This is an interesting story about a little girl from Israel, a child of the LORD Almighty, who ended up in the enemy territory at the home of an enemy of the Israelites. But God Almighty kept her in that home for a divine purpose, for HIS Glory.